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Summer 1981 


Alumni Officers 2 

Homecoming 1 98 I Plans . 3 

New Scholarships 4-5 

Alumni of Year .6-7 

Outstanding Instructors . . . 8 
Honor Roll of Donors . I 0-1 I 
Nomination forms. I 3,1 4, 15 

Sports Hal! of Fame 16 

Homecoming 1980 19 

Wesson, Mississippi 39191 

CO-UN Natchez 
Natchez, Mississippi 391 20 

ON PACE ONE — Five former athletes from Copiah-Lincoln Junior 
College's Wesson campus were inducted into the third annual Athletic 
Hall of Fame during the college's homecoming. From left to right are Jay 
Smith of Valparaiso, Fla., Class of 1939, for his participation at Co-Lin in 
football, basketball, track, and baseball; John B. Moak of West Point, 
Class of 1934, for football and track; Mrs. Susie Bridges Allen Ainsworth 
of Hazlehurst, Class of 1931, for track, basketball, softball, and volleyball; 
W. C "Pop" Allen of Jackson, Class of 1947, for football, basketball, 
track, and baseball; and Richard A. "Bill" Cooper of Carrollton, Class of 
1936, for football. Co-Lin's Athletic Alumni Association is responsible for 
the selection of the inductees each year. (Photo by Jackson's Studio) 


The Place to Be. 

Volume 8, Number 

Summer 1 98 I 

The COLINIAN is printed as a ser- 
vice through the Alumni Affairs Di- 
vision and is mailed to all paid mem- 
bers of the Co-Lin Alumni Associ- 

Alumni dues are $3 per year for an 
individual and $5 per year for hus- 
band and wife. 

The Alumni year runs from Sep- 
tember 1 through August 31. 

The Copiah-Lincoln Junior College 
District does not discriminate on the 
basis of sex, race, color, religion or 
national origin and is in compliance 
with Title IX directives. 


Alumni Affairs Director & Editor Burlian O. Walker 

Associate Director, 
Alumni Affairs Mrs. Maudell Weeks 


President Robert W. "Bobby" Thames 

Vice-President Dr. Kenneth Walley 

Sec./Treas Mrs. Zoula H. Strong 

Athletic Alumni Association 

President Charlie Ward 

Vice President L. W. "Tap" Codbold 

Secretary Alton Ricks 

The COLINIAN is published yearly by the Alumni Affairs Division 
of Copiah-Lincoln Junior College. 

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the college, administra- 
tion, faculty or students. 

C o 

i n i a n 


Volume 8 

Summer 1981 

Number 1 

Copiah-Lincoln Sports Hall of Fame 


(Lohlak- J-ineoLn c^rfLumni czrfaocLatLon 


As ioe grow older, the inclination is to return to the 
place where we first ventured away from the shelter we 
knew as home. The place where we had our first fears and 
doubts about being away from the protection of our 
parents. This was a place where we begin to gain self re- 
liance, obtain some maturity, make new friends and 
broaden our knowledge of some inkling of the future. 

For most of us this place was Copiah-Lincoln Junior 
College. It was a home away from home. Thus, the word 
"HOMECOMING" has a special meaning for those alumni 
who attended Co Lin in the past and those currently 

Homecoming is a time to meet and reminisce with 
"ole" friends, make new ones, meet members of the 
administration, staff, faculty and students of Co-Lin. 

This year the event is scheduled for October 17. We 

will play the Southwest (Summit) Bears in football that 
night. During the day reunions for classes of the I 's and 
possibly others will be held, as well as for the undefeated 
and untied 1933 football championship team. This team 
was captained by Harry "Moon" Mullins. 

If you know the names and addresses of anyone who 
has attended or graduated from Co-Lin, assist us by sub- 
mitting them to the Alumni Association so we may get 
in touch with them: 

Co-Lin Alumni Association 
P.O. Box 553 
Wesson, MS 39191 
Help us locate these lost people. We want and need 
your presence and support. 

Robert W. "Bobby" Thames 

Vance W. Brown of Clinton, outgoing president; Robert W. "Bobby" Thames of Jackson, president; Mrs. Zoula 
H. Strong of Wesson, secretary; and Dr. Kenny Walley of Jackson, vice president. These four will serve on the 
association's board of directors, along with thirteen others representing the seven supporting counties and 
members at large. 


Homecoming 1981 Plans For October 17 

Preliminary plans for 1981's home- 
coming on Copiah-Lincoln Junior Col- 
lege's Wesson campus have been made 
by the Co-Lin Alumni Association's Board 
of Directors. 

October 17 with Southwest as the op- 
ponent has been set for this year's 

The Board of Directors met to make 
the preliminary plans and to discuss the 
business of the association. 

During homecoming, the annual 
tennis and golf tournaments will be held 
during that week. Reunions of the 
Classes of 1's will be held, as well as for 
the undefeated and untied 1933 football 
championship team. Other reunions 
may be added. 

Displays by campus clubs, a dutch 
luncheon, the alumni meetings, and a 
banquet will precede the game. 

Robert W. "Bobby" Thames of Jackson, 
alumni president, presided over the 

Burlian Walker, director of public in- 
formation and alumni affairs, announced 

the approved changes in the alumni 
constitution. New copies were distri- 
buted. Of note was the increase of dues 
during 1981-82 from $3 for single mem- 
bership to $5 and from $5 for joint 
husband-wife membership to $8. 

Possible ways to increase association 
membership were discussed. 

It was pointed out that nominations 
are due for the Athletic Hall of Fame 
and for the Outstanding Instructors of 
the Year awards by August 1, and for 
Alumnus of the Year by September 1 . 

Various scholarships given by the as- 
sociation and its members were dis- 

Charlie Ward of Pelahatchie, president 
of the Co-Lin Athletic Alumni Association, 
made comments regarding the group. 

In addition to Thames and Ward, other 
board members attending were Dr. 
Kenneth Walley of Jackson, alumni vice 
president; Mrs. Zoula H. Strong of Wes- 
son, alumni secretary; Dr. Billy Thames, 
Co-Lin president; Alton M. Ricks, dean 

of students; Vance W. Brown of Clinton, 
past alumni president. 

Also, Lester Furr of Wesson, represent- 
ing Copiah County; Horace C. Codbold 
of Bude, Franklin County; Ester Schmidt 
Martin of Sontag, Lawrence County; Mrs. 
Kathleen Journey Reed of Brookhaven, 
Lincoln County; H. F. McCarty of Magee, 
Simpson County, and Mrs. McCarty; Miss 
Jane Ainsworth of Wesson, faculty re- 
presentative; Carie Boone of Hazlehurst, 
student representative. 

Also, others attending were W. C 
"Pop" Allen of Jackson, a past president 
of both the alumni and Athletic Alumni 
Associations; Dr. Eddie Smith, dean of 
instruction; Burlian Walker, director of 
alumni affairs; and Mrs. Maudell A. 
Weeks, associate director of alumni 

Other board members include Miss 
Evelyn Redd of Jackson, at-large; Billy 
Ray Freeman of Natchez, Adams County; 
and Robert A. Ceoghegan of Fayette, 
Jefferson County. 

CHAMPS, THEY WERE - The Mississippi Junior College state basketball champions for 1948-49 from Copiah- 
Lincoln Junior College's Wesson campus met during the college's homecoming for a reunion. Front row, left 
to right, are Vance W. Brown, Clinton; Coach Arlis Ricks, now of Raymond; Coach John Ricks, now of Cleveland; 
Alton Ricks, Wesson. Back row includes, left to right, Garland Brown, Brookhaven; Jim Sinclair, Brookhaven; 
Ray Brackeen, Clinton; Bob Barrett, Baton Rouge, La.; Carl Medley, Tishmingo; Peter Pouncey, Gautier; and 
Claude Porter, Natchez. Not pictured, but present for the reunion, was Curt Weston of Casper, Wyoming. 


New memorial scholarships honor three 

At least three new scholarships have been established dur- 
ing the past year on Copiah-Lincoln's Wesson campus. All three 
are open for contributions. 

The Noah "Cap" and Lona B. Wallace Scholarship, the Arlee 
W. Walker Pre-Professional Science Memorial Scholarship, and 
the James Robert "Jim" Lowery Memorial Scholarship have 
been added to the college's scholarship program. 

The Wallace scholarship was established in memory of Mr. 
and Mrs. Noah Wallace by their children, Mrs. Ruby Pearl 
Smith of Wesson, Mrs. Frances W. Christensen of Broken 
Arrow, Okla., and Marvin J. Wallace of Bartlesville, Okla. 

Mr. Wallace was a long-time Copiah-Lincoln employee in 
the 1930's and 40's when all young men were required to 
work on the college farm one day each month under Mr. 
Wallace's supervision. He was a staunch supporter of Co-Lin's 
athletic program and the present heavy equipment mechanics 
building is named in his memory. 

Mr. Wallace attended Copiah-Lincoln High School the first 
year it was organized, 1915, and the Wallaces' grandson was 
an honor graduate of the last senior class to attend high school 
on the campus of Copiah-Lincoln Junior College in 1979, span- 
ning the entire 63 years of its existence. 

Yearly a $150 scholarship will be awarded on Awards Day 
to a freshman student who plans to return to Co-Lin the fol- 
lowing year. Preference is given to a Wesson student who 
graduates from Wesson High School. 

The winner will be selected by the faculty scholarship 
committee, based on scholarship, leadership abilities, and 
high Christian ideals. 

The Arlee Williamson Walker Pre-Professionai Science 
Memorial Scholarship was established in the fall of 1980 by Dr. 
Phyllis Hayes, chairperson of Co-Lin's science division. 

The late Mrs. Walker of Magee was the mother of Burlian 
Walker, director of public information and alumni affairs at 
Co-Lin's Wesson campus. Mrs. Walker died of cancer on March 
23, 1979. 

Dr. Hayes established the scholarship upon presentation 
of a $250 grant given her as Outstanding Instructor of the Year 
in academics by the Copiah-Lincoln Alumni Association. 

The scholarship will be to aid in medical development, 
growth, and research for the betterment of mankind. 

The scholarship is awarded to a sophomore pre-professional 
science major in the areas of pre-medicine, dental, pharmacy, 
veterinary science, or nursing. Basis of selection will be need, 
ability and attitude, and the desire to achieve. 

Dr. Hayes was one of the five international winners in the 
Chemical Manufacturers Association's Two-Year Catalyst 
Award for teaching chemistry during 1980. 

The James Robert "Jim" Lowery Memorial Scholarship was 
established in 1980 by members of the 1978 Copiah-Lincoln 
High School Senior Class, by his family and his friends. 

Recipient is a Wesson High School graduate who has 
attended the school for four consecutive years and who plans 
to attend Co-Lin. 

Basis for selection will be high ideals, outstanding leader- 

ship, active participation in school activities, spiritual influence, 
a "C" or better average during the senior year, and a desire to 
better himself or herself. 

Jim, a 1978 graduate of Copiah-Lincoln High School, 
attended Copiah-Lincoln Junior College and was employed by 
the Mississippi State Highway Department at the time of his 
accidental death at the age of 20 in October, 1980. 

His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Mac Lowery of Wesson. His 
mother, Mrs. Joy Lowery, is a secretary at Copiah-Lincoln. 

Those wishing to contribute to these scholarships or others 
open to contributions should mail the tax-deductible gifts to 
Copiah-Lincoln Alumni Association, P. O. Box 553, Wesson, 
MS 39191. 

Other scholarships open to contributions include the Lula 
Stevens Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the Alumni 
Association; the Sherryn W. McDonald Memorial Scholarship; 
the Annette West Donnan Memorial Scholarship; J. M. Ewing 

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„„- ..w**" 8 ***"*"^ 



Noah "Cap" Wallace 

with close ties to Co-Lin's family 

Memorial Scholarship; Russell Ellzey Memorial Scholarship; 
Willie Mae Hamill Memorial Scholarship; Luther Garrett 
Memorial Scholarship; W. S. Henley Memorial Scholarship; 
the 854th Medical Collecting Company Scholarship; and the 
Donald Ashley "Chick" Smith Memorial Scholarship. 

Memorial scholarships already established include for J. J. 
Wesson; Suzanna Boyd; Malcolm Nesmith; Graydon L. Mullen; 

James Wilson Bridges; Larry Sanders; Virgil D. Youngblood; 
and the Mary Lilla Ashley Education Fund. 

Other scholarships include St. Regis Paper Company; Zelle 
Weems FTA; Ken and Ruth Patterson; Frank and Martha Pitts; 
Frank and Evelyn Oswalt; Harold and Reba Patterson, B. R. 
and Frances B. Frazier; Halliburton; Virginia Felder and Laura 
Bell Lindsey Faculty Development Scholarships; and Brook- 
haven Kiwanis Club Music Scholarships. 

Arlee Williamson Walker 

James Robert "Jim" Lowery 

Kathleen Reed, Royce Hart win Alumni 

Mrs. Kathleen Journey Reed and Royce 
R. Hart, both of Brookhaven, were se- 
lected Alumni of the Year on Copiah- 
Lincoln Junior College's Wesson campus 
for 1980. 

Both were honored during home- 
coming ceremonies on Saturday, Octo- 
ber 11, during the alumni banquet in the 
new W. S. Henley Student Union Center. 

Mrs. Reed is a member of the Class of 
1947, while Hart is a member of the 
Class of 1934. 

Mrs. Reed 

Mrs. Reed, now completing thirty-first 
year of teaching school, is a fifth grade 
science teacher at Mullins Elementary 
School in Brookhaven. She has taught 
the fifth grade in Brookhaven for the 
past 18 years. Previously she was em- 
ployed as vocational home economics 
instructor at Hernando for three years, 
at Heuck's Retreat for five years, and at 
Loyd Star for four years. 

She graduated from Copiah-Lincoln in 
1947 with Honors. She holds a bachelor 

of science degree from Mississippi Uni- 
versity for Women and a master's 
degree from Mississippi College. Mrs. 
Reed has done additional work at the 
University of Southern Mississippi, Missis- 
sippi State University, and the University 
of Alabama. 

Mrs. Reed is a past president of the 
Brookhaven Education Association and 
of the Copiah-Lincoln Alumni Association. 
She has served as local projects chair- 
man, as public relations chairman, and 
as state scrapbook committee member 
for the Mississippi Department of Class- 
room Teachers. She has held various 
other positions with educational associa- 
tions through the years. 

A member of the Mississippi Associa- 
tion of Educators and the Brookhaven 
Education Association, she holds mem- 
bership in the Mississippi Junior College 
Inter-Alumni Association, the Brook- 
haven Association of Classroom Teachers, 
Copiah-Lincoln Alumni Association, 
National Education Association, Missis- 
sippi Home Economics Association, 

American Home Economics Association. 

Also Mrs. Reed holds life membership 
in the Mississippi University for Women 
Alumni Association, and membership in 
Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Upsilon Omicron. 
She was Mississippi's state delegate in 
1977 to the National Education Associa- 
tion in Minneapolis, Minn. 

Chosen to Personalities of the South in 
1971, she is past matron of the Order of 
the Eastern Star, a secretary of the group 
for five years; a Grand Representative of 
Michigan in Mississippi, attending their 
Grand Chapter in Grand Rapids in 1971; 
a member of the Mississippi Association 
of Secretaries of Order of Eastern Star; 
historian for four years for the Parent- 
Teachers Association; past president of 
the 5-Point Club; treasurer of the Brook- 
haven Band Boosters Club for five years; 
helped to organize the Brookhaven 
Shrinettes, serving as secretary and now 
as president of the group. 

Further, Mrs. Reed is a charter member 
of El Kanah Temple No. 142, Daughters 

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CHOSEN AS ALUMNUS OF THE YEAR were (left to right) Royce R. Hart and Mrs. Virgil (Kathleen Journey) Reed, 
both of Brookhaven. Vance W. Brown of Clinton, president of the Copiah-Lincoln Alumni Association, con- 
gratulates the winners. 

the Year honors at 1980 homecoming 

ie Nile where she has been Lady of 
3ates and now Lady of the Keys. A 
iber of the Woodmen of the World 
t # 1355, she has served as secretary 
no years and now serves as Jurisdic- 
il Trustee for the State of Mississippi, 
vvas awarded Woman of Woodcraft 
?ast year. 

2 is an active member of First Baptist 
xh in Brookhaven where she has 
?d as class secretary for several years, 
served as president and as secretary 
leven years for the Richmond Family 

3 is the mother of two sons, Virgil 
i Reed, and Randy Daniel Reed, both 
iah-Lincoln graduates. 

Mr. Hart 

rt served as Chancery Clerk for 
oln County for 20 years. Since that 
! he has worked as an independent 
ease broker and has served as a 
nber of the board of directors of the 
Federal Savings and Loan Association 

native of Lincoln County, Hart has 
i in that county all his life except for 
years spent in military service. He 
nded Enterprise School and gradua- 
from Copiah-Lincoln in 1934. After 
iving a bachelor of arts degree from 
siana State University, he taught at 
rprise School for several years prior 
/orld War II. 

iring the war, he served with distinc- 
in the U. S. Army and was awarded 
'urple Heart during the two and a half 
s he spent in the Pacific theatre. Dis- 
ged with the rank of Captain, he 
a member of an army reserve group 
pproximately 15 years. 
:er World War II, Hart returned to 
Din County and was elected to the 
e of Chancery Clerk, a position he 
for 20 years. 

is a past president of the Lions Club, 
president of the Brookhaven-Lincoln 
nty Chamber of Commerce, and a 
president and charter member of 
southwest Mississippi Development 

rt is a member of the V.F.W., the 
•rican Legion, and the Brookway 
ch of Christ. He holds memberships 
opiah-Lincoln's Alumni Association 
the LSU Alumni Federation. He has 
ed as president of the Mississippi 

Association of Chancery Clerks and as 
president of the Mississippi Chapter of 
the LSU Alumni Federation. 

He has worked with various commit- 
tees and organizations to bring more 
industry to the area and he has been 
active in many charitable causes and 
drives. He has served as a Boy Scout 

Hart is author of a booklet, "Hi, Y'all", 
written to preserve some of the folklore 

of the area. His first short story in the 
booklet, "The Haunted House and the 
Porcelain Alligator" relates to happen- 
ings when he was a Co-Lin student. 

Chosen by a special committee each 
year, the awards go annually to a male 
and a female. 

Other nominees were Claude Porter, 
Natchez; Jim Robbins of Greenville; Jim 
A. Sinclair of Brookhaven; and Mrs. Mar- 
guerite Newsome Rutledge of Monticello. 

Hundreds attend homecoming 

Alumni from across Mississippi, as well 
as from California, New York, New Jersey, 
Tennessee, Illinois, Wyoming, Texas, 
Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, 
and Georgia, attended 1980 homecom- 
ing activities on Copiah-Lincoln Junior 
College's Wesson campus. 

Mrs. Virgil (Kathleen Journey) Reed of 
Brookhaven, Class of 1947, instructional 
supervisor for the Brookhaven Public 
Schools, and Royce R. Hart, Class of 
1934, oil lease broker and former Chan- 
cery Clerk of Lincoln County for 20 years, 
were presented awards as Alumnus of 
the Year. 

Presented awards as Outstanding In- 
structors of the Year were Mrs. Lucile 
Horton, child care supervision instructor, 
for vocational-technical, and Dr. Phyllis 
Hayes, chairperson of the science division 
and instructor in chemistry, for 

Inducted into the third annual All 
Sports Hall of Fame were Mrs. Susie 
Bridges Ainsworth of Hazlehurst, Class 
of 1931; William Curtis "Pop" Allen of 
Jackson, Class of 1943; Richard A. "Bill" 
Cooper of Carrollton, Class of 1936; John 
B. Moak of West Point, Class of 1934; 
and William Jay Smith of Valparaiso, 
Florida, Class of 1939. 

The Afro-American Plus Club captured 
first place in homecoming displays, with 
Phi Beta Lambda getting second, and 
the Society for Student Medical Tech- 
nologists winning third place honors. 

Patti Jean Page of Hazlehurst reigned 
as homecoming queen over her court of 
ten maids. 

Chosen to head the Copiah-Lincoln 
Alumni Association for 1980-81 are 
Robert W. "Bobby" Thames of Jackson, 
president; Dr. Kenny Walley of Jackson, 
vice president; and Mrs. Zoula Henning- 


ton Strong of Wesson, secretary. 

Heading the Athletic Alumni Associa- 
tion are Charlie Ward of Pelahatchie, 
president; L. W. 'Tap" Godbold, Jackson, 
vice-president; and Alton Ricks, Wesson, 

Nathan Allen, 90-year-old Georgetown 
resident and member of the Class of 
1923, was the oldest alumnus present at 
the alumni banquet. The Allen family 
with 20 members was the largest family 

Reunions were held for the Classes of 
the 0's - 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 
and 1980, along with the Classes of 1948 
and 1949, including the state champion- 
ship basketball teams for those years, 
and for previous Microcosm staffs. The 
854th Medical Collecting Company, acti- 
vated during the Korean Conflict, held a 
banquet on Friday night before home- 
coming, with almost half of the 60 mem- 
bers present. 

Winners in the annual homecoming 
golf tournament include Lucy King, 
alumni ladies; Sharon Alexander, open 
ladies division; Ronnie Hewitt, alumni 
men; Dan Presley, first flight winner, 
alumni; Anse Blackwell, second flight, 
alumni; and Danny Dykes, third flight, 
alumni. Winners in the open men's divi- 
sion are Earnest Champion, winner; 
Johnny Gray, first flight; Scott Leggett, 
second flight; and Jim Thomas, third 

In the annual tennis tournament Nancy 
Smith and Barbara West captured first in 
the women's doubles, with Sharon 
Alexander and Katherine Huckaby as 
runners-up. In the men's doubles, Curtis 
Tidwell and Tommy Gray were the win- 
ners, with Chet Mercier and Bow mar 
McGehee as runners-up. 

Outstanding Instructors — 

Hayes, Horton grab first annual awards 

Dr. Phyllis Hayes and Mrs. Lucile Horton 
were selected as Outstanding Instructors 
of the Year for 1980 on Copiah-Lincoln 
Junior College's Wesson campus. 

Dr. Hayes is chairperson of the science 
division and Mrs. Horton is child care 
supervision instructor. 

A special committee appointed by 
Copiah-Lincoln's Alumni Association, 
which initiated the awards this past year 
for the first time, made the selections. A 
total of five others were nominated. The 
awards, one each going to the outstand- 
ing academic instructor and the out- 
standing vocational-technical instructor, 
carry a $250 grant and a plaque. Awards 
will be presented during homecoming. 

As the outstanding academic instructor, 
Dr. Phyllis Hayes, a native of the Gillsburg 
Community in Amite County, received 
an Associate of Arts degree from South- 
west Mississippi Junior College, a Bache- 
lor of Science from Millsaps College, a 
Master of Arts degree and a Doctor of 
Philosophy degree, both from the Uni- 
versity of Southern Mississippi, and an 
Educational Specialist Degree in 
Chemistry and Biology from the Univer- 
sity of Mississippi. 

Since 1978 she has served as chair- 

person of Copiah-Lincoln's science divi- 
sion and chemistry instructor for the past 
several years. 

Last spring Dr. Hayes was chosen as 
one of five international winners for 
the Chemical Manufacturing Associa- 
tion's "Two Year College Regional Cata- 
lyst Award." Other winners were from 
New York, Pennsylvania, California, and 

Dr. Hayes is a member of the Mississip- 
pi Science Teachers Association; Missis- 
sippi Junior College Faculty Association; 
Alpha Epsilon Delta, pre-medical 
honorary; the American Chemical So- 
ciety; and she is a past president of 
the Copiah-Lincoln Education Association. 

She has been a National Science Foun- 
dation participant; Memphis State Uni- 
versity participant in Instrumental Analy- 
sis; named to Outstanding Young 
Women of America; chosen to Delta 
Kappa Gamma, an educational honorary 
society for women; and was one of ten 
junior college chemistry teachers chosen 
by the University of Mississippi Pharmacy 
School to tour pharmaceutical houses in 
Chicago and in Indianapolis. She has 
participated in several other workshops 

across the nation. 

As outstanding vocational-technical 
instructor, Mrs. Lucile Horton teaches 
child care supervision. She has been 
employed at Copiah-Lincoln since 1974 
as adult basic education instructor and 
then as child care supervision instructor 
since 1978. Previously she was remedial 
langauge arts instructor at Wesson High 
School; kindergarten director and in- 
structor in Wesson; and she taught cloth- 
ing at Keating in Pueblo, Colo. 

A graduate of Copiah-Lincoln Junior 
College, she received a Bachelor of 
Science in home economics from Delta 
State University. She has done additional 
work at the University of Southern Mis- 

Mrs. Horton is a member of the Copiah- 
Lincoln Education Association and of 
Beta Sigma Phi. She is a Sunday School 
teacher and Training Union teacher and 
GA leader at Wesson Baptist Church. 

She and her husband, F. K. Horton Jr., 
have three children, Letha, a student at 
Delta State University; Francis, a fresh- 
man and member of this year's football 
team; and Allison, a student in the Wes- 
son schools. 

OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTORS OF THE YEAR on Copiah-Lincoln Junior College's Wesson campus from left to 
right are Mrs. Lucile Horton, Vance W. Brown, of Clinton, president of the Alumni Association, and Dr. Phyllis 








(Day of Week) 


(Game Location) 











East Central 











































Pearl River 






Gulf Coast 



Alumni and friends from time to time make inquiries concerning gifts and bequests to Copiah- 
Lincoln Junior College. The college is in the process of establishing a foundation program to handle 
such funds, and will be happy to provide any information you may desire. There are numerous ways 
gifts can be handled — all tax deductible. 

Yes, I want to support the academic growth of Copiah-Lincoln Junior College. 

( ) I enclose $ to be applied as most needed. 

( ) I desire more information on ways to contribute to Copiah-Lincoln. 


Lula Stevens Alumni 

Scholarship Fund 

Co-Lin Foundation 


Athletic Support 

Outstanding Instructors 


Specified Scholarship 

New Scholarships 

Noah "Cap" Wallace 

Jim Lowery 

Arlee Walker 

Name: _ 

Honor Roll Of 
Donors 1980-81 

(For Period March, 1 980 through April, 1981) 

(Contributions of $10,000 and above) 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pitts 
Dallas, Texas 

(Contributions of $1 ,000 - $4,999) 

DeSoto Inc. 

Des Plaines, Illinois 
Georgia Pacific Foundation 

Taylorsville, Mississippi 
Halliburton Services 

Shreveport, Louisiana 
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Patterson 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Mrs. R. M. Lowery 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith and Friends 

Mendenhall, Mississippi 
St. Regis Paper Company 

Monticello, Mississippi 
Urban Foundation 

Brookhaven, Mississippi 

(Contributions of $500 - $999) 

Brookhaven Exchange Club 

Brookhaven, Mississippi 
Brookhaven Kiwanis Club 

Brookhaven, Mississippi 
Circle K 

Wesson Campus 
Phillips Petroleum Foundation 

Bartlesville, Oklahoma 
Simpson County Baptist Association 

Mendenhall, Mississippi 

(Contributions of $250 - $499) 

Brookhaven Lincoln County 

Brookhaven, Mississippi 
Francis Christensen 

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 
B. M. Durr 

Denton, Texas 

J. C. Redd 

Jackson, Mississippi 
Dr. Phyllis Hayes 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Kellwood Company 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. McCarty 

Magee, Mississippi 
Sherryn McDonald Scholarship 

Natchez Campus 
Shelby Pitts 

Dallas, Texas 
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Smith 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Marvin Wallace 

Bartlesville, Oklahoma 

(Contributions of $100 - $249) 

Susan Beall 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Rev. and Mrs. Wilson W. Boggan 

Moss Point, Mississippi 
Capt. John Boyd 

Nice, France 
Co-Lin Alumni Association 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Corinth Baptist Church 

Magee, Mississippi 
Annette Donnan Scholarship 

Natchez Campus 
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. B. Floyd 

Magee, Mississippi 
Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Frazier 

Gulfport, Mississippi 
Mrs. W. S. Henley 
Harris Henley 

Hazlehurst, Mississippi 
Mrs. Helen Mullen 

Wesson, Mississippi 
New Hebron Attendance Center 

New Hebron, Mississippi 
Mrs. Thelma Foster 

Wesson, Mississippi 


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oswalt 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Lee Parker 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 
Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Turk 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 
Mrs. J. J. Wesson 

Saltillo, Mississippi 
Wesson Lions Club 

Wesson, Mississippi 

(Contributions of $1 - $99) 

Mr. and Mrs. Randall M. Ainsworth 

Magee, Mississippi 
Mrs. Susie Ainsworth 

Hazlehurst, Mississippi 
Bank of Wesson 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Mrs. Lucille Bridges 

Wesson, Mississippi 
G. Elizabeth Browne 

New Orleans, Louisiana 
Mr. and Mrs. James Carmody 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 
Joe S. Carty 

Wesson, Mississippi 
James A. Causey 

Liberty, Mississippi 
Stephen G. Case 

Batesville, Arkansas 
Co-Lin Foundation 
Corinth Baptist Church, WMU 

Magee, Mississippi 
Lucretia Bagley Dawkins 

Jackson, Mississippi 
Mrs. Hugh Dowling 

Brookhaven, Mississippi 
Watson Ellzey 

Mobile, Alabama 
Bruce Falvey 

Bogue Chitto, Mississippi 
Mrs. Luther Garrett 

Sontag, Mississippi 

□ Donors 

Dr. Dennis Granberry 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 
Mrs. R. E. Green 

Hazlehurst, Mississippi 
Willie Mae Hammill Scholarship 

Wesson Campus 
Royce R. Hart 

Brookhaven, Mississippi 
Jimmy R. Hutchins 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Hutson 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Jackson Paper Company 

Jackson, Mississippi 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jones and Sandra Jones 

Magee, Mississippi 
Julius L. Lotterhos, Jr. 

Hazlehurst, Mississippi 
Jim Lowery Memorial Scholarship 

Wesson Campus 
Quimby M. Middleton 

Hazlehurst, Mississippi 
Mississippi Bank 

Jackson, Mississippi 
Mrs. Opal Mize 

Magee, Mississippi 
Graydon Mullen Memorial Scholarship 

Wesson Campus 
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin McNeely 

Newton, Mississippi 
Ida B. Olson 

Alexandria, Virginia 
Scott Paper Company 

Mobile, Alabama 
Randy Shivers 

New Hebron, Mississippi 
Mrs. Bill Shults 

Wesson, Mississippi 
H. H. Smith 

Bossier City, Louisiana 
Miss Jessie L. Smith 

Brookhaven, Mississippi 
Stephen J. Smith 

Brookhaven, Mississippi 
Earl Stringer 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Mrs. W. R. Sullivan 

Lexington, Mississippi 
AliceS. Templet 

New Orleans, Louisiana 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Thames 

Isola, Mississippi 
Claudia C. Thames 

Arvado, Colorado 
Mrs. John Ed Thomas 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 
T. F. Trainor 
Louisville, Kentucky 

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Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Wade 

Natchez, Mississippi 
Hugh H. Warren 

Greenwood, Mississippi 
Burlian Walker 

Wesson, Mississippi 
Mary Jean Walker 

Prentiss, Mississippi 
Mrs. Kenneth G. Weems 

Houston, Texas 
Julius E. Weeks 

Dallas, Texas 
Curtis M. Weston 

Casper, Wyoming 
Virgil Youngblood Scholarship 

Commuters have 
new schedule 

Commuters to the Wesson campus 
this fall may choose from either a three 
or a two-day class schedule. Monday, 
Wednesday, Friday classes will be 50 
minutes in length, with no Friday after- 
noon classes, while Tuesday and Thurs- 
day classes will last 75 minutes each. 

Planning to move? 

If so, the Alumni Association would like to keep up with you. Use the 
form below to show us your change of address. We will make the necessary 
changes on our mailing lists and you will continue receiving The Colinian 
and other correspondence from us. YES, IT'S THAT SIMPLE! 


OLD Address 

NEW Address 

Mail to: Office of Alumni Affairs 

Copiah-Lincoln Junior College 
Wesson, Miss. 39191 


Nominations sought for alumni honors 

Copiah-Lincoln alumni and friends are 
reminded to submit names of worthy 
candidates for consideration for Alumni 
of the Year, for the Athletic Hall of Fame, 
and for Outstanding Instructors of the 
Year. Those chosen for the honors will 
be recognized during the college's an- 
nual homecoming on October 17. 

Criteria to be used as a guideline for 
nominating Alumni of the Year, both a 
male and a female, includes accomplish- 
ments in the business and in the profes- 
sional world; outstanding services in 
community activities; and interest in the 
betterment of Copiah-Lincoln Junior 
College. Nominations must be made by 
an alumnus by September 1 . 

Past recipients honored include Billy 
Hickman, R. E. Anderson, Lester Furr, Dr. 
Lucien Hodges, Thomas Kelly, H. F. Mc- 
Carty, Frank Pitts, Shelby Pitts, J. C. Redd, 
Dr. Billy B. Thames, E. A. Turnage, and 
Royce Hart. 

Also, Miss Evelyn Redd, Ann Burris 
Cagle, Ruby Larkin Corley, Doris Ball 
Green, Dr. Gene Ramsey Miller, Helen 
Ellzey Mullen, Jean L. Ricks, Alma Gordon 
Smith, Zoula Hennington Strong, Alice 
Stringer Templet, and Kathleen Journey 


Nominations for the 1981 Copiah- 
Lincoln Athletic Hall of Fame will be re- 
ceived until August 1. All nominations 
must be mailed by that date to Copiah- 
Lincoln's Alumni Association office. 

When nominating someone it is im- 
portant to list, if possible, the exact years 
the nominee attended Copiah-Lincoln 
and the sport or sports participated in. 
Former Co-Lin coaches are also eligible 
for nomination. 

Those selected will be asked to furnish 
a picture suitable for press information 
and for mounting on a plaque. This type 
picture should be submitted when the 
nomination is made. 

Guidelines set by Co-Lin's Athletic Alum- 
ni Association as criteria for choosing reci- 
pients include that the nominee must 
have been out of Copiah-Lincoln for 20 
years or more; consideration given for 
the number of sports participated in; ac- 
complishments since graduation; and 
support given the institution since gra- 

Copiah-Lincoln Junior College's Alumni 
Association will honor two instructors 
each year as "Outstanding Instructors of 
the Year". One academic and one voca- 

tional-technical instructor will be 
honored annually during homecoming. 

Anyone can make a nomination which 
must be submitted to the Alumni Affairs 
Director, Copiah-Lincoln Junior College, 
Wesson, MS 39191, by September 1 of 
each year. 

Plaques and a $250 grant will be pre- 
sented by the Alumni Association to 
each of the two winners. 

Full-time instructors nominated must 
have demonstrated leadership ability in 
the classroom and in extra-curricula 
school and community activities, emo- 
tional stability, dependability, enthusiasm, 
communications ability with fellow fa- 
culty members and with their students, 
a personal interest in instruction, and an 
interest in Copiah-Lincoln Junior College. 

Further criteria includes degrees held, 
personal appearance, intelligence, and 
length of service to the college. 

Along with a nomination form, a letter 
must accompany each nomination, tell- 
ing why that instructor should be con- 
sidered "most outstanding". 

All nominations should be directed to 
Copiah-Lincoln Alumni Association, P. 
O. Box 553, Wesson, MS 39191. 









(Street) (City) 



(County) (State) 

Area Code ( ) 

(Zip Code) 





Annual dues ($5 per person or $8 a couple) should be attached to this form arid mailed to: 
Office of Alumni Affairs, Copiah-Lincoln Junior College, Wesson, MS 39191. 

Check One: ( ) Renewal 

) New 

( ) Associate 


Nomination for Copiah-Lincoln 
Athletic Hall of Fame 


Years at Copiah-Lincoln: High School 

Junior College 
Sports lettered in: 

Honors received: 

College (if any) attended after Co-Lin: 
Sports lettered in & honors received: 

Signature of Person Making Nomination 

Resume of Individual Nominated: 

(Please attach separate sheet. Include black & white photo suitable for plaque.) 

Nominations must be received no later than August 1 

Return to: 

Co-Lin Alumni Association, P. O. Box 553, Wesson, MS 39191 



Personal Data 










Accompany a letter on why this instructor should be selected "most outstanding". One academic 
and one vocational-technical instructor will be chosen. 

Return to: 

Co-Lin Alumni Association 

P. O. Box 553 

Wesson, MS 391 91 Deadline: September 1 





Personal Data 












Co-Lin Alumni Association 
P. O. Box 553 
Wesson, MS 391 91 

Deadline: September 1 


Five inducted into Sports Hall of Fame 

Five former athletes of Copiah-Lincoln 
Junior College's Wesson campus were 
elected to the third annual All Sports 
Hall of Fame. 

The group was inducted into the Hall 
of Fame during homecoming festivities. 

Chosen to the Hall of Fame were Mrs. 
Susie Bridges Ainsworth of Hazlehurst, 
Class of 1931, for her participation in 
track, basketball, softball, and volleyball; 
William Curtis "Pop" Allen of Jackson, 
Class of 1947, for his participation in 
football, basketball, track, and baseball; 
Richard A. "Bill" Cooper of Carrollton, 
Class of 1936, for football; John B. Moak 
of West Point, Class of 1934, for football 
and track; and Jay Smith of Valparaiso, 
Fla., Class of 1939, for football, basket- 
ball, baseball, and track. 

Susie Bridges Ainsworth graduated from 
Copiah-Lincoln High School in 1927, 
attended a business college and worked 
two years as a secretary before entering 
Copiah-Lincoln Junior College where 
she graduated in 1931. During this time 
she was named "Best Athlete," set a state 
record in women's broad jump, named 
to the All State basketball team, excelled 
as a forward on Co-Lin's state champion- 
ship basketball team and she lettered in 
volleyball and in baseball. 

William Curtis "Pop" Allen of Jackson 
attended Copiah-Lincoln High School in 
1941-42, Copiah-Lincoln Junior College 
1942-43, entered the Army, and returned 
in 1946-47 to complete his education at 
Co-Lin. Voted "Best Athlete" in 1947, 
Allen was a member of the mile relay 
team that went undefeated in 1942. He 
participated and lettered in football, 
basketball, track and baseball. 

Allen is director of athletics for the 
Jackson Public Schools. He holds a 
bachelor of science degree from Delta 
State University; a master of arts from 
Mississippi College, an AAA advanced 

He lettered in both football and basket- 
ball at Delta State and was inducted into 
the Delta State University Sports Hall of 
Fame in 1975 and he is a past president 
of Delta State's Athletic Alumni Associa- 


Allen is a past president of Copiah- 
Lincoln's Alumni Association and he was 
an organizer and served from March 28, 
1978 until October 6, 1979, as president 
of Copiah-Lincoln's Athletic Alumni 

Richard A. "Bill" Cooper attended 
Copiah-Lincoln High School in 1933-34, 
Copiah-Lincoln Junior College from 
1934 until his graduation in 1936 where 
he served as president of the student 
body and as captain of the football 
team. At Mississippi State University he 
played football. 

John B. Moak attended Copiah-Lincoln 
High School from 1928 through 1932 
and Copiah-Lincoln Junior College from 
1932-34 where he participated in foot- 
ball and in track and field events. Moak 
was selected to the All State junior 
college football team for three consecu- 
tive years, 1931, 1932, and 1933. 

Moak attended Mississippi State Uni- 
versity where he lettered in football. He 
played 60 minutes in the Orange Bowl 
on January 1, 1937, where he was voted 
the outstanding lineman in the game. 

Jay Smith lettered in football, basket- 
ball, track, and baseball at Copiah-Lincoln 
Junior College from 1936 through 1939. 
He was chosen All State end for the 1938 
season, his last football season at Co-Lin. 
He followed Coach Hook Stone to Mill- 
saps College where he played football, 
basketball and track from 1939-1941. 

After World War II he entered the Uni- 
versity of Southern Mississippi and played 
football and basketball from 1946-1948 
where he was Little All-American both 
years, captain his senior year, Auburn 
University All Opponent team, and he 
was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers of 
the old American League and 'by the 
Chicago Cardinals of the old National 

He was installed into the USM Sports 
Hall of Fame in 1965 and served as 
president of Southern's "M" Club for 
three years, from 1970-73. 

The five join twelve others chosen in 

the first two Hall of Fames. 

Chosen to the first Hall of Fame were 
Mrs. Mattie Wallace Barton; Harry R. 
"Moon" Mullins; C. W. "Bill" Steadman; 
the late H. L. "Hook" Stone; Robert W. 
"Bobby" Thames; Walter R. "Polie" Sulli- 
van; and Charlie L. Ward. 

Inducted into the second annual Hall 
of Fame were Anslum M. Blackwell; 
Mrs. Pauline Case Britt; L. W. "Tap" God- 
bold; the late Bracie C. Smith; and Robert 
Bernard "Bernie" Ward. 

MLT receives 

Accreditation has been awarded the 
medical laboratory technician program 
on Copiah-Lincoln Junior College's Wes- 
son campus for a period of five years by 
the Committee on Allied Health Educa- 
tion and Accreditation. 

The award of accreditation was made 
upon recommendation received from 
the National Accrediting Agency for 
Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), 
which is sponsored by the American 
Society of Clinical Pathologists and the 
American Society for Medical Techno- 

John E. Beckley, PhD, secretary of 
CAHEA of the American Medical Asso- 
ciation in Chicago, informed the college 
of its accreditation. 

In addition, the award includes recog- 
nition of four institutions as clinical affi- 
liates of Co-Lin's MLT program, including 
King's Daughters Hospital in Brook- 
haven; Jefferson Davis Memorial Hospi- 
tal in Natchez, Southwest Mississippi 
Regional Medical Center in McComb, 
and Community Hospital in Natchez. 

Mrs. Zoula H. Strong is coordinator of 
Co-Lin's medical laboratory technician 

A committee representing CAHEA had 
visited the campus earlier in the year for 
accreditation evaluation. 

The Place to Be 

Notes from Wesson . . . 

Commencement exercises on May 9 
saw 220 students receiving diplomas or 

Six sophomores, three each from the 
Wesson and the Natchez campuses, 
were named to the annual Hall of Fame 
during Honors Day. 

Chosen to the 27th annual Hall of Fame 
from the Wesson campus were Leah Ann 
Holtslander, Natchez; Chester Ragland 
"Chef Mercier, Wesson; and Patti Jean 
Page, Hazlehurst. 

Natchez campus Hall of Famers were 
Blase Patrick Gaude', Mary Venessa 
Fleming, and Walton Benson Wilson, 
all of Natchez, marking the fourth year 

John R. Landress, instructor in speech 
and theatre since 1956, received the 
dedication of the 1981 Trillium yearbook. 
He is sponsor of the Co-Lin Players, Delta 
Psi Omega, and the Puppeteers. Active 
in Brookhaven Little Theatre, he has 
worked in some capacity in every pro- 
duction the group has ever given in 14 

Mrs. Jean L. Ricks, coordinator of the 
secretarial science department, received 
the Special Award for Outstanding 
Service in Zeta State, Delta Kappa Gam- 
ma Society International, at its state 
meeting. The award is presented each 
year to an outstanding DKG member, 
based upon contribution to education, 
community, and women, as well as work 
of the Society. DKG is an educational, 
honorary, professional organization 
with over 2,000 members in Mississippi. 

Scoring its highest points ever in com- 
petition with other junior college news- 
papers throughout the state, the Wolf 
Tales received second place overall in 
the recent Mississippi Junior College 
Press Association's spring awards con- 

Pearl River captured first with an ave- 
rage score of 1,000, with the Wolf Tales 
getting 920 points. Third was Holmes 
with 744 points, etc. 

In addition, the newspaper won first 
place overall in the monthly division 
and third place in makeup and design. 
Patti Jean Page won a $500 scholarship 
from the association to further her jour- 
nalism education at the University of 
Southern Mississippi. Marsha Webb of 
Meadville captured the post of state 
secretary, marking the eighth officer in 
ten years for Co-Lin. Randy Dedon of 
Brookhaven won third place in sports 
writing while Patti Jean Page got second 
in columns, with each division having 33 
entries. Burlian Walker is adviser. 

Co-Lin's varsity tennis team capped off 
a perfect regular season schedule, 16-0, 
with a three year record of 37-0, by 
dominating play at the MJCA State 
Tournament, walking away with the 
men's team championship trophy and 
finishing as runner-up in the women's 

Co-Lin's men out-classed 15 other 
junior colleges, amassing a total of 15 
points to finish 6 points ahead of its 
closest rival, Meridian, which hosted the 
tourney. The Lady Wolves came within 
3 points of pulling off a sweep for CLJC, 
tallying 12 points to finish in the runner- 
up spot to Itawamba. 

In the NJCAA Region VII tourney, the 
Lady Wolves finished third, while the 
Wolves were runners-up to Columbia 
(TN) State Community College. 

Coach Mike Mclntyre's Wolves included 
Brad Ratcliff, Brookhaven; Chet Mercier, 
Wesson; Bowmar McGehee, Meadville; 
Tim Johnson and Curtis Tidwell, both of 
Monticello; and Lupe Berry, New Hebron. 

Lady Wolves included Cheryl Sproles, 
Louann Piper, and Angie Becker, all of 
Brookhaven; Diann Williams, Wesson; 
and Kay Young, Natchez. 

Paul Williams, Favette, one of the 
nation's most sought after junior college 
basketball players, signed a scholarship 
with the University of Central Arkansas 
in Conway. Williams led the nation in 
field goal percentages during the regular 
season, making 219 of 290 attempts for 
a 72.9 percentages, according to the 
National Junior College Athletic Associa- 

The 6-foot 4y2-inch, 223 pound sopho- 
more averaged 19.7 points and 12 re- 
bounds per game for Coach Richard 
Williams. He was named All State and 


most valuable player in the MJCA All- 
Star game. 

Co-Lin's Carson Benjamin of Brook- 
haven captured the state championship 
in the discus in the state track meet by 
throwing 138' 6%". He set the school 
record earlier with a throw of 159'3". 
Wade Alexander is track coach. 

The Wesson campus will host two 
basketball camps this summer, in addi- 
tion to the annual band auxiliary camp 
for area high school band members. 

The college choir and Sojourners 
toured April 9-1 3, carrying them as far as 
Dallas. Appearances were at New He- 
bron, Mendenhall, South Natchez, and 
Franklin County High Schools; North- 
eastern Louisiana State University; a 
two-hour performance at the Plazas 
of the Americas, a new shopping center 
in downtown Dallas; First United Metho- 
dist Church in Dallas; and Trinity United 
Methodist Church in Alexandria, La. 

Creative writing students walked away 
with two first places and one second in 
the state-wide competition during the 
Mississippi Junior College Creative Wri- 
ting Association's annual spring meeting. 

Capturing wins which are being 
published in the Mississippi Junior College 
Writer are Tammy Smith, Brookhaven, 
first in short fiction, and Sara Williamson, 
Monticello, first in informal essay. Lisa 
Phillips of Brookhaven won second in the 
formal essay category. Don Hardy of 
Crystal Springs had his drawing chosen 
for the cover, making the second year 
out of three that a Co-Lin student's design 
has graced the cover. Durr Walker Jr. 
was re-elected president and Mrs. Edna 
Earle Crews was re-elected secretary of 
the MJCCWA. Both are instructors in the 
humanities division. 

Approximately 775 seniors from dis- 
trict high schools attended the annual 
High School Day on March 25. 

Edgar W. Martin, director of adult and 
continuing education, was chosen Mis- 
sissippi's Adult Educator of the Year by 
the Mississippi Association of Public and 
Continuing Adult Education during MAE 
in Jackson. 

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Carie Boone wins 
Lula Stevens 

Carie Lucille Boone of Hazlehurst is 
the winner of the Lula Stevens Memorial 
Alumni Scholarship for 1981. 

A graduate of Copiah Academy at 
Gallman, Carie is the student represen- 
tative to the Alumni Association's Board 
of Directors. She is active in student 
government, religious, and the musical 
life on campus. 

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. 
Boone of Route 1, Hazlehurst, Carie will 
be a sophomore this fall at Co-Lin. 

Sponsored by the Alumni Association, 
the scholarship is in memory of Miss Lula 
Stevens, dean of women at Co-Lin for 
40 years. 

The award is made annually to a fresh- 
man woman, living in a dormitory, who 
plans to continue her education at Co-Lin 
her sophomore year. Basis for the award 
is sterling character, integrity, initiative, 
all-around ability, good habits, and 
loyalty to the ideas of Copiah-Lincoln. 

i,M ■ -i O 

Carie Boone 

□ Notes from Wesson — 

Continued from page 1 7 

Over $15,150 was raised by the Nu 
Kappa chapter of Phi Beta Lambda on 
Copiah-Lincoln Junior College's Wesson 
campus during its second annual PBL - 
W J M B St. Jude Children's Research 
Hospital radiothon. 

The amount equalled last year's total, 
according to Mrs. Jean Ricks, PBL adviser. 

PBL members answered the telephone, 
while WJMB staff members conducted 
the radiothon which ran a total of 37 
hours during a two-day period. 

Paul Alexander, St. Jude representative 
and Burlian Walker, director of public 
information, helped anchor the event. 

Many local Brook^aven citizens joined 

THE NATCHEZ CAMPUS has moved to its new location in the old Washington 
School. Renovation has been underway for several months. The campus was 
formerly located at the old Central School. 

Notes from Natchez . . . 

Co-Lin's Board of Trustees has autho- 
rized Associate Dean Howell C. Garner 
of the Natchez campus to conduct a 
study never before done exactly this way, 
nation-wide. The study will help deter- 
mine if Co-Lin is meeting the educational 
needs of the district. Seven groups, in- 
cluding selected alumni members, are 
among 1,400 who will be participating 
in the study. 

Forty-eight students received degrees 
or certificates at the Ninth Annual Com- 
mencement exercises for the Natchez 
Campus on May 23. 

During the two-week quarter break, 
the entire Natchez campus staff has been 
involved in moving to the new campus 
location at Washington. Summer quarter 
will begin at the new campus on June 8. 

bers, were guests of the college's Board 
of Trustees for its May meeting. 

Participating in the National DECA 
(Distributive Education Clubs of America) 
competition in Las Vegas recently were 
Renee Terry who won first place in the 
state in General Merchandising, manager- 
owner level; Carrie Taylor, who won 
second in Real Estate, master-employee 
level; Tracy Stump, who won third for 
Food Marketing, manager, owner level; 
and John Rabb, who was a finalist for 
Apparel and Accessories, manager- 
owner level. Lyman Smith, adviser, was 
elected president of the Mississippi As- 
sociation of Distributive Education 
Teachers at the state meeting in Tupelo. 

Sister Mary Pardy will move to the 
Wesson campus to become director of 
development studies. She will continue 
to supervise the Special Services Program 
on the Natchez campus. 

Sheila Myrick was named winner of 
the Annette West Donnan Memorial 
Scholarship, while Jennifer Waller was 
chosen recipient of the Sherryn W. 
McDonald Memorial Scholarship. 

Just as on the Wesson campus, several 
members of the Natchez campus STAR 
(Special Topics and Resource) Team 
have spoken to various civic and busi- 
ness organizations and to schools dur- 
ing the past few months. Speakers are 
available to groups on many topics. 
Dean Garner heads the STAR Team on 
the Natchez campus and Burlian Walker 
heads the Wesson campus. 

Hall of Fame members, Blase Gaude', 
Mary V. Fleming, and Walton Wilson, 
along with Wesson Hall of Fame mem- 

in participating in the radiothon. 

Prior to the radiothon, several PBL 
members, along with press representa- 
tives, toured St. Jude's in Memphis. 


Mrs. Carolyn Smith, instructor in English 
and journalism, was named to the Com- 
mittee of Sixty for the State of Mississippi, 
made up of individuals who actively 
support higher education. Board mem- 
bers Mrs. Rose Ferguson and Tom Reed, 
both of Adams County, were also 

Graduation exercises were held in 
February for the 3rd Natchez CETA LPN 
class. Mrs. Sonja Spillers is instructor. 


LARGEST FAMILY PRESENT - The Allen family, numbering 20 strong, was the largest family 
group present during homecoming. Pictured, front row, left to right, are Casey Allen, W. C. 
"Pop" Allen, Donna Gladney, Mrs. Donis Weeks Allen, Carly Allen, and Curt Allen, all of Jack- 
son; Mrs. Eva Allen Walley, Brookhaven; and Nathan Allen, Georgetown. Second row, left to 
right, are Don Gladney, Mrs. Patsy Allen Gladney, W. C. "Billy" Allen, Jr., Mrs. Mary Clayton 
Allen, Henry Hugh Allen, all of Jackson; E. K. Walley, Brookhaven; Mrs. Becky Walley, Jack- 
son; and Dr. Kenneth Walley, Jackson. Not pictured were Mrs. Vera Allen Martin, the Rev. 
Albert Martin, Joe Martin, and Matt Martin, all of Baker, La. 



\jHp^\ : 

Durr of Denton, Texas, on the right, have esta- 
blished a $5,000 scholarship in honor of the 
commander of the 854th Medical Collecting 
Company, Lt. Colonel Grover Smith and his 
men who served in the company when it was 
activated in 1950 for the Korean Conflict. Mr. 
and Mrs. Smith, long-time Copiah-Lincoln em- 
ployees, are pictured on the left. Smith is 
director of student life and Mrs. Alma G. Smith 
is admissions clerk. Durr, a 1950 graduate of 
Copiah-Lincoln High School and a 1953 grad- 
uate of Copiah-Lincoln Junior College, was 
the youngest member of the 854th Medical 
Collecting Company. The Durrs were present 
during Copiah-Lincoln's homecoming to join 
the Smiths and other members of the 854th in 
a reunion. 

Alumni Association for 1980-81 are (left to 
right) Alton Ricks of Wesson, reelected 
secretary; and Charlie Ward of Pelahatchie, 
president. Not pictured is L. W. "Tap'' Godbold 
of Jackson, vice president. The Athletic Alumni 
Association is open to former athletes of the 
college. The group meets annually during 
homecoming on the Wesson campus. The 
Athletic Hall of Fame is sponsored by the 




HP*-! ' l~ 

front) Blase Patrick Gaude', Natchez campus; standing left to 
right are Walton Benson Wilson, Natchez campus; Leah Ann 
Holtslander, Natchez, Wesson campus; Chet Mercier, Wes- 
son, Wesson campus; and Patti Jean Page, Hazlehurst, Wes- 
son campus. Not pictured is Mary Venessa Fleming, Natchez 

Ca mP 







LARRY WALLACE, Mississippi's 
Three-Time Banjo Champion 

The Place to Be. 

Co-Lin Alumni Association 

Box 553 

Wesson, MS 39191 

Address Correction Requested 

Non Profit Org. 
U. S. Postage 


Permit No. 20 

Wesson. MS 391 91 

The Place to Be.